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THERMOPLANTERS (heated pots)

The Aquatic Thermoplanter’s unique design uses a heavy insulated outer pot with a lighter thermally conductive inner pot. A layer of water lies between the two pots & is heated by a thermostatically controlled 70 watt heater with a 15’ grounded cord. The heater is designed to cycle between 72 and 85 degrees. The heated water conducts through the inner pot, warming the soil & waterlily tuber. An insulated cover traps & directs the heat toward the growth point of the plant, creating a micro-climate around the plant. Put your tropical lily outside even when the pond itself is much too cold (55-65 degrees F) for tropical lilies. Extends the growing season one to two months in the spring and again in the fall; even allows overwintering tropicals outside in zones 6 and higher. Works for lotus, tropical marginal plants, and early blooms on hardy lilies. Great in container ponds!

Item# TP1000

The terrestrial Thermoplanter 1200 Patio Pot uses the same design as the Aquatic Thermoplanter, but with a thermostatically controlled 15 watt heater and a 6’ grounded cord. It may be used inside or outside with any tropical plant that likes a warm root zone environment. The Patio Pot is superior to cable and floor heat, and provides many benefits:
- The heated Patio Pot allows the plant to be moved outside earlier in the season, and to stay out longer.
- When sunlight hits a black pot, it heats up tremendously. Having an outer and inner pot with an air layer between keeps the outer pot from transferring as much of the excess heat to the soil, and the plant develops less heat stress.
- The Patio Pot actually needs to be watered less, even though it is heated; this is partly because of the insulation layer on top, and because there is a tiny reservoir of water created when the pot is watered, but primarily because of a complex interaction with the heater, soil and water in the pot. Heat causes more water to stay in the pot and not drain out. Water vapor is more evenly dispersed in the soil, and actually cycles through the soil, accumulating as condensation on the top layer of insulation, dripping, percolating, and evaporating again. Moisture levels stay much more even, reducing plant stress and optimizing growing conditions.
- Plants in Patio Pots have less root disease. Tropical plants often have problems with root diseases, primarily from low soil temperatures.
- Patio Pots promote conditions that in turn promote a healthier soil ecosystem. Beneficial soil microbes function better with more even soil and water conditions.In turn, they help the plant absorb nutrients, resist disease, and develop soil structure. Great for organic applications.

Item# TP1200

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