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Min. 3 Per Variety

Iris ensata 'Hue & Cry' gal pot
Iris ensata 'Purple' gal pot
Iris ensata 'Sorcerers Triumph' gal pot
Iris ensata 'Violet' (purple flower w/ white veins) gal pot
Iris ensata Anytus gal pot
Iris ensata Geisha Gown gal pot
Geisha Gown
Iris ensata Hall of Marble gal pot
Hall of Marble
Iris ensata Murakumo gal pot
Iris ensata Pinstripe gal pot
Iris ensata Rose Queen gal pot
Rose Quenn
Iris ensata unlabeled asst.gallon pot
Iris ensata
Iris ensata YamataIkoku gal pot
Iris ensta 'Melody' pink
Iris Laev. Royal Cartwheel gal pot
Royal Cartwheel
Iris laevigata Snowdrift gallon
Iris laevigata Variegata gallon pot ...min order (3)
Iris Louisiana Acadian Miss gallon
Acadian Miss
Iris Louisiana Bali Nights gallon
Bali Nights
Iris Louisiana Black Gamecock gallon
Black Gamecock
Iris Louisiana Cherry Bounce gallon
Cherry Bounce
Iris Louisiana Clyde Redmond gal pot
Clyde Redmond
Iris Louisiana Colorific gallon
Iris Louisiana Handmaiden gallon
Iris Louisiana King Creole gallon
King Creole
Iris Louisiana Kirk Strawn gallon
Kirk Strawn
Iris Louisiana Knock Out gallon
Knock Out
Iris Louisiana Mighty Rich gallon
Mighty Rich
Iris pseudacorus Variegata (var. yellow flag iris) gallon
Yellow Flag
Iris Roy Davidson gallon
Roy Davidson
Iris versicolor (blue flag iris) gallon
blue flag