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Lily Like-Potted

Min. 3 Per Variety

Aponogeton distachyus (water hawthorne) gal pot
water hawthorne
Hydrocleys nymphoides (water POPPY) gal pot
water poppy
Hydrocleys nymphoides Venezuelan poppy gallon pot
Venezuelan Poppy’
Ludwigia sedioides (mosaic plant) gal pot
mosaic plant
Marsilea mutica (variegated water clover)
variegated water clover
Nymphoides crenata (ruffled snowflake) gal pot
ruffled snowflake
Nymphoides cristata (varieg. water snowflake) gal pot
water snowflake
Nymphoides geminata (yellow snowflake) gal pot
yellow snowflake
Nymphoides indica (giant water snowflake) gal pot
giant water snowflake