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Floaters > Eichhornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Min order (6)
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Eichhornia Crassipes  (Water Hyacinth) Min order (6) | Floaters
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Eichhornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Min order (6)

Manufacturers ID: PLANTS
Item ID: .1521
Color: Green
Sun Light: Full Sun minimum 4 Hours/Day
Zone: Hardy to Zone 8
Flowers: Summer
Spacing: No Minimum
Spread: --
Growth: Fast
Fertilizer: Absorbed From Water
Depth: Floating
Height: 2" to 12"

Noted for its prominent lavender-blue flowers and fleshy rounded, floating leaves, water hyacinth grows quickly in warm water. A few plants bought in the spring can easily turn into a few hundred by fall (they are excellent for compost in the perennial border or the vegetable garden). Plants propagate readily from leaf shoots which develop into new plants, like strawberry plants. It is prohibited from sale or possession in southern states.Where it can be grown legally it is a welcome addition to the water garden for its ability to filter out unwanted nutrients and for its attractive flowers. Although each flower lasts only a day or two, they are borne in abundance.

Can not be shipped to AL, AZ, CA, CT, FL, ID, LA, SC, TX.