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Matala Pond Vacuum Pro | Pond Vacuums
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Matala Pond Vacuum Pro

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Manufacturers ID: PV-PRO
Item ID: 0.6539
Case: 1

The new Matala Pond Vacuum PRO has a tank capacity of 9.5 gallons. 85%
larger than the Pond Vac II. The high quality German 1.5 HP motor has
all the suction power of a 2 HP but is more energy efficient.

auto fill and drain cycles allow for water to fill the vacuum
canister, then simply discharge water into the garden or yard drains.
The on/off cycle is approximately 70 seconds vacuum and 35 seconds
drain out. During the vacuum cycle the holding tank fills with dirty
water. Once it is full the motor will turn off automatically. The
dirty water will start to drain out the drain hose to the garden or yard
drains. When it is empty, it turns itself back on automatically and
continues to vacuum. Use the optional mesh bag to capture coarse
debris before releasing the dirty water to the garden or yard drain.
The dirty pond water is great for your garden plants! Do not return dirty water back to the pond! In this way you can use the vac to make monthly water changes. Safe for use in fish ponds and water gardens.

The Matala Pond Vacuum PRO is perfect for hobbyist ponds up to 10,000
gallons. The holding tank is approximately 9.5 gallon capacity. The 5
extension tubes are approximately 15 inches long each and can reach
depths up to 6 feet. The suction hose is 16 feet long and the drain out
hose is 8 feet long.Includes coaster wheels for convenient handling.

Useful Tips:

- Open yellow ring on handle for extended suction time. Close with finger for increased suction power.

- Place Vacuum tank up high so that drain out hose with flapper valve is lower than bottom of tank.

- Use smallest vac head possible for the job in order to prolong suction time.

- Periodically check the flapper valve on end of drain hose for obstructions and good movement.