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Minimum 3 per variety. 

*Wanvisa variegated lily* has no minimum qty.

N/A  (Not available at this time)

Arc-en-Ciel light pink hardy...Min. order (3)
light pink hardy lily
Assorted Hardy Waterlilies - Min.order (18) our choice named lilies
Assorted Hardy Waterlilies
Attraction red hardy lily...Min.order (3)
Barbara Dobbins yellow hardy lily...Min order (3)
Barbara Dobbins
Berit Strawn changeable hardy lily...Min.order (3)
Berit Strawn changeable hardy lily
Black Princess Hardy Lily patented...Min.order (3)
Black Princess ( N/A)
Charlene Strawn yellow hardy...Min.order (3)
Charlene Strawn
Charlies Choice changeable hardy...Min.order (3)
Charlies Choice
Chromatella yellow hardy...Min.order (3)
Chromatella Canary yellow
Citrus Twist pink hardy lily 8x5 pot
Clyde Ikens dble peach hardy...Min.order (3)
Clyde Ikens
Colorado salmon hardy...Min.order (3)
Conqueror red hardy...Min.order (3)
Cynthia Annsmall peach changeable hardy...Min.order (3)
Cynthia Annsmall
Darwin (Hollandia) dble pink hardy...Min.order (3)
Darwin (Hollandia)
Denver cream yellow hardy...Min.order (3)
Ellisiana brilliant red hardy...Min.order (3)
Escarboucle (aka Aflame) red hardy...Min.order (3)
Froebeli sm red hardy...Min.order (3)
Frosted Pink - bright pink hardy lily 8x5 pot...Min.order (3)
Georgia Peach peach hardy...Min.order (3)
Georgia Peach
Gloriosa red hardy...Min.order (3)
Gloriosa N/A
Gonnere dble white hardy...Min.order (3)
Helvola pygmy yellow hardy...MIn.order (3)
pygmy yellow
Hermine white hardy...Min.order (3)
Indiana sm changeable hardy...Min.order (3)
James Brydon red hardy...Min.order (3)
James Brydon N/A
Joey Tomocik yellow hardy...Min.order (3)
Joey Tomocik
Laydekeri Fulgens red hardy...Min.order (3)
Burgundy red hardy
laydekeri Lilacea small pink hardy...Min.order (3)
laydekeri Lilacea small pink