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Shallow Water Plants-Potted

Min. 3 Per Variety

N/A (not available at this time)

Acorus calamus (green sweet flag) gallon
Sweet Flag
Acorus calamus Variegata (var. sweet flag) gallon
Variegated Sweet Flag
Acorus gramineus Ogon (golden Jap. sweet flag) gallon
Golden Japanese Sweet Flag
Aeschynomene fluitans (giant sensitive fern) gallon ***NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA!*
'Giant Sensitive Fern'
Alisma parviflorum (Spoon leaf plantain) gallon
Spoon Leaf Plantain
Alisma plantago-aquatica (water plaintain) gallon
Arundo donax Variegata (var. Medit. giant reed) gallon CANNOT TRANSPORT INTO CAL
Variegated Mediterranean Reed
Aster elliottii (purple marsh aster) gallon
Purple Marsh Aster
Bacopa caroliniana (lemon bacopa) gallon
Lemon Bacopa
Bacopa lenagera (variegated bacopa) gallon
Variegated bacopa
Baumea rubiginosa Variegata (var. striped rush) gallon
Variegated Striped Rush
Caltha Palustris 'Plena' (gallon)
Double Flowering Marsh Marigold
Caltha Palustris (gallon)
Marsh Marigold
Caltha Polypetala (gallon)
Giant Marsh Marigold
Canna 'Orange Sherbert' -orange
Canna Orange Sherbert
Canna African Sunset gallon
Canna African Sunset
Canna Australia gallon
Canna Australia
Canna Bengal Tiger (Pretoria) gallon
Bengal Tiger
Canna Black Knight gallon
Canna Black Knight
Canna Chiquita Punch gallon
Chiquita Punch
Canna Emerald Sunset gallon
'Emerald Sunset'
Canna Erebus (pink Longwood canna) gallon
'Pink Longwood Canna'
Canna flaccidaFlorida canna gal pot
'Florida canna'
Canna Freckle Face gal pot
'Canna freckle face'
Canna glauca Davia gal pot
'Canna Davia'
Canna Longwood Endeavor (red)
'Red Endeavor Canna'
Canna ORANGE PUNCH gallon
Canna 'Orange Punch'
Canna Panache gal pot
Canna 'Panache'
Canna Pink Sunburst gallon
Canna 'Pink Sunburst'
Canna Ra (yellow Longwood canna) gallon
'Yellow Longwood Canna'