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Fish Care

*Currently we do not have Fish available for sale*- updated 2023

Do to the current logistic/supply issues, our vendors sometimes do not provide any advance notice of price increases. Oregon Aquatics Inc. does it's best to keep pricing current but reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time.

All of our fish are from reputable suppliers and are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days in water averaging 70 degrees. A few days after arriving, all
fish are treated three times with Minnfinn Max to eliminate the possibility of any parasites, bacterial infections, fungal infections, or flukes. They are then
observed for the remainder of the time to make sure they are healthy and free of any disease.

We generally have available standard koi, butterfly koi, shubunkin comets, sarassa comets, yellow comets, and different varieties of fancy goldfish. All of our fish
are double bagged and placed in sturdy Styrofoam boxes to minimize temperature fluctuations during transit. All fish are shipped either on our own
trucks to customers or via Fedex next day air. Fish orders must be accepted the first day our truck is out for delivery even if outside of normal business hours. 

Shipping charges by Next Day Air on Fedex will be billed to customer.

We recommend when buying fish to quarantine them before selling and do not mix your newly received fish with fish from any other source. Even healthy
fish can become extremely stressed during shipping and handling which will lower their immune system making them more susceptible to disease.

Oregon Aquatics Inc. guarantees live arrival of all of our fish, provided they are released into their new home immediately after reaching their destination.
Once the koi have been introduced to their new environment they become the responsibility of the customer. 

We suggest you float the bag in the new tank/pond for a minimum of 30 minutes unless the fish have been bagged for more than 4 hours.
In this case it is better and less stressful for the fish to release them into the new water immediately. We suggest you use a small net to remove the fish
from the bag and do not mix the water in the bag with your water. Make sure to cover each of the holding tanks completely as fish tend to jump often
after being moved into new environments. Please contact our office immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your new fish.

Fish Bags & Star Bottom Bags
Fish Food & KOI Feeding Stations
Fish Treatments/Meds
Predator Deterrent