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Moisture Loving-Potted

Min. 3 Per Variety

Carex elata ‘Bowles Golden’- golden sedge
Cuphea ignea (Firecracker/Cigar plant) gal pot
Darmera peltiphyllum gal pot
Indian Rhubarb
Gunnera manicata 2-3 gallon
Gunnera manicata gallon
Hemerocallis Night Beacon daylily gallon pot
Night Beacon
Lobelia 'Pink Cardinal' gal pot
Lobelia syphilitica (blue lobelia) gallon
Blue Lobelia
Lysmachia Firecracker gallon
Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus' gal pot
Myrio. sp. (dwarf red-stem parrot feather) gallon;
'Dwarf Red-Stem Parrot Feather'
Physostegia virginiana “obedient plant”
Primula japonica (Japanese primrose)
Taxodium Distichum Bald Cypress