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Floaters > Pistia Stratiotes 'Rosette'
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Pistia Stratiotes 'Rosette' | Floaters
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Pistia Stratiotes 'Rosette'

Manufacturers ID: PLANTS
Item ID: 0.1539
Color: Green
Sun Light: Full Sun minimum 4 Hours/Day
Zone: Hardy to Zone 8
Flowers: Foliage
Spacing: No Minimum
Spread: --
Growth: Fast
Fertilizer: Absorbed From Water
Depth: Floating
Height: 0" to 4"

Tropical, free-floating plant.  Velvety ribbed leaves form delicate, pale green rosettes.  Resembles a cabbage plant. The leaves grow 8 - 10 in. long and 4 in. wide and produce plantlets that stretch out from the mother plants on slender stems.  These can be separated and the older plants can be thinned out. If yellowing occurs the plants can be separated from the pond and fertilized.  Excellent in shady ponds.